I've been running a Music site for some time now. It's for the band Tool, and I've had great success with it. Among my conquests:

  • Rollingstone.com
  • The music fansite database
  • The band, themselves

The first thing you must have is content. Original ideas. Things such as:

  • Fan Art
  • Personal Experiences
  • Illicit Encounters... ..Sh...
  • Poems

Once you have compiled enough information, you can move on up to the next stage. This takes les boules... The webpage design.

This is the stage where you can be very inventive. If it's a Death Metal band you are plugging, then have a fiery red motife, with blood and gore and that stuff good kids crave. If it's a country singer, however, let's tone it down and go with earthy colors, like browns.

  • Make sure the links are easily accessible. Surfers are very picky. It takes trial and error, and I had a hell of a lot of error.
  • Make the colors readable. The text should be clearly seen throughout.
  • Don't link to other webpage content. This means, don't put a link to a file that is hosted on someone else's page. They send the tribal medicine doctors after you for this.
  • Make it graphically pleasing. Nice graphics go a long way.
  • Link link link... E2 knows it. You know it. Oh yeah.
  • Please... Don't go crazy with frames or DHTML. That is the best way to drive a user away.
  • Lastly, know your HTML. It's a wonderful language, and very easy to pick up.

Still crave inspiration? http://insayn.cjb.net. That's my pride-and-joy..

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