Launched 25th August 2007, Manic Times is the satirical, to some extent gonzo, journalistic creation of the Chaser's Charles Firth. Both an online and printed newspaper, the Times claims to be "legitimate news information with a sense of humour".

With a weekly release frequency and a band of writers that are willing to subscribe to Firth's brand of "stunt" reporting, the magazine contains articles with topics ranging from international and national news stories, politics and sports. Similar perhaps to an Australian Onion, or maybe a more mature, focused version of Firth and gang's earlier work The Chaser, the reporting is of serious nature with a humourous slant.

Perhaps he's aware that The Chaser's TV attempts are slipping in terms of humour and intelligence and this is his chance to break away before the ship goes down? If so, it seems a wise idea. Good luck to him.


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