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Mike made me birthday apple pie last night; that was something.

Remind me to have faith in little things. Went with Mike to the store, odd having my spheres cross. Pete went and shaved again. Dan and Allison came over to watch the Oscars and fight with each other. Stephanie Giles is here and giving me a headache. The tv is too loud and I want a bath but we don’t have a damn bathtub. Dan (“IMAX, youmax, why can’t we all just get along?”) is dolled up fine in real shoes, pressed slacks, dress shirt, vest & tie; never seen him in this many articles of clothing.

Had to babysit the Germans, they were terrible.

I was at ease today and this will not make any sense. It’s easier for me lately to talk and keep talking. This is why it comes to desperation when there isn’t more than there is. Little things – new shoes, standing just at arm’s reach. As the mechanics get easier, emotional stress skyrockets.

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