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Lead wall

I am in a luxury hotel. People are happy. Swimming, having drinks on a sunny patio, wandering inside, reading novels.

I am explaining to a man that my room has two showers. One is on the other side of the lead wall.

"What wall?" says the man.

"The wall made of lead." I say, "My room has a door." On the other side of the lead wall is south western desert, but not just desolate and water starved. It's radioactive. "I need to go there and help, but the shower is not enough. It will wash the radioactive dust off and protect others in the hotel, but I will be exposed to too much radiation and I'll die."

The man shakes his head. He doesn't believe that the wall exists and how could it be radioactive and desolate on the other side? He only knows about the hotel.

I am thinking of the equipment I will need and how to protect myself and what job I can do on the other side.

I wake up.

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