Margaret of Anjou (1430-82), was the daughter of Rene of Anjou and niece of Charles VII of France. Her need to win supporters in the King's court widended the rift between the house of Lancaster and its supporters, and the Yorkists. Her preferential treatment of the Beauforts further aliented their opponents.

She married Henry VI in April 1445 as part of a truce plan negotiated by the Duke of Suffolk with France and seen as a triumph for the Beauforts. In order to secure this valuable marriage alliance, Hnery VI agreed to pay for the wedding, surrender Maine, and except no dowry for the bride. Because he knew how unpopular the surrender of the hard-won territory of Maine would be, Henry VI waited until the truce could be turned into lasting peace before announcing this part of the deal.

Henry VI only handed over Maine when threatened the English garrisons with a massive army, and this was toward the end of the two-year truce.

Margaret would later raise an army to face Edward IV at the Battle of Towton, where her army of Lancastrians would be soundly defeated. This would be the end of the Lancastrian dynasty.

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