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Mark Kellogg (1833-1876), US newspaper reporter

Mark Kellogg was the first of 23 Associated Press reporters to die on the job. He accompanied George Armstrong Custer’s regiment on its ill-fated expedition into Sioux country.

"We leave the Rosebud tomorrow and by the time this reaches you we will have met and fought the red devils, with what results remains to be seen. I go with Custer and will be at the death." - last dispatch, June 24, 1876

He began reporting in La Crosse, WI during the Civil War. He played shortstop on the town baseball team and unsuccessfully ran for public office twice. He went on to edit several newspapers in Iowa and Minnesota and write stories as a correspondent, often under the pseudonym "Frontier".

On June 25, 1876, Kellogg rode with the 7th US Cavalry regiment, the only reporter along for the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Unfortunately, he didn’t survive to write his account of that historic battle, as he was killed along with Custer and his men. His body was found scalped and missing an ear.

His diary is at the North Dakota Heritage Center and the satchel he had with him that day is on display at the Newseum in Washington DC, though their stupid website (newseum.org) doesn’t have a search function so I don’t know if they have an online picture of it.

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