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Martín Dihigo was a baseball player who played in several Latin American leagues, as well as the Negro Leagues, who played all 9 positions well (the Designated Hitter rule did not exist during his lifetime). He was Cuba's Minister of Sport from age 59 until his death. He was born May 25, 1906 in Matanzas, Cuba, and died May 20, 1971 in Cienfuegos, Cuba. He is the only player to be elected to the Mexican, Cuban, and American Baseball Halls of Fame.

Known in some circles as "El Maestro", or "The Master", he played for the Cuban Stars East, the Homestead Grays, the Hilldale Daisies, the Baltimore Black Sox, and the New York Cubans, among other teams. In 1938, playing in the Mexican League, he had 18 wins and 2 losses as a pitcher, leading the league with an 0.90 ERA -- and as a hitter, had the highest batting average in the league, at .387.

The Baseball Hall of Fame

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