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Martin is an exceedingly busy and talented open source software architect, currently working at Linuxcare Canberra OzLabs R&D facility.

Martin's greatest on-going gift to the internet is his work as part of the Apache core team, writing the next generation of the world's most popular web server (which powers E2, fwiw).

Martin is also a contributor to rproxy, an extension to HTTP which transfers only the differences between the current version of a page and the client's cached version; GNU Keyring for PalmOS; rsync; Pinpoint, a simple GIMP-based presentation graphics package; pikipiki, collaborative hypertext, GNU pop3d patches; snapfs, a Linux filesystem with support for snapshots and instant recovery; lazymirror, on-demand rsync mirroring from Apache; gnetstat which shows open network connections in GNOME; mod_gohome, for Apache, to lock authenticated users into their home directory.

Martin is also interested in the impact of the internet on privacy, and the benefits of open source commerce on the open source movement.

project info taken from Linuxcare's website

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