Matt Uelmen is one of the best (in my opinion) modern composers. He has composed the soundtracks for both Diablo and Diablo II, and it looks like he will be composing the music for the Diablo II expansion: Lord of Destruction. Ever since the original Diablo came out, I have been captivated by his wonderful backdrop for what could be considered one of the best series out for computers ever.

IIRC, Uelmen composes most of his music single-handedly, and before Blizzard became as big as they are now and had fewer employees, he also created about half of the sound effects for the original Diablo such as the sound for the skeletons dying which was simply dropped pencils.

His epic sounding creations have hardened many a warrior and kept them coming back to make Diablo the success that is is. I know I would not have played it for as long as I did (and gotten so many others to play it) if it weren't for the soundtrack, which pulls the whole game together into a masterpiece.

The entire sound track (plus three outtakes) can be found at and include the following songs:

  • Monastery (released July 12, 2000)
  • Tristram (released July 19, 2000)
  • Cave (released July 26, 2000)
  • Wilderness (released August 2, 2000)
  • Rogue (released August 9, 2000)
  • Sewer (released August 16, 2000)
  • Desert (released August 23, 2000)
  • Maggot (released August 30, 2000)
  • Harem (released September 6, 2000)
  • Docks (released September 13, 2000)
  • Jungle (released September 20, 2000)
  • Kurast (released September 27, 2000)
  • Spider (released October 4, 2000)
  • Mephisto (released October 11, 2000)
  • Hell (released October 18, 2000)
  • Leoric (released October 25, 2000)
  • Crypt (released November 1, 2000)
  • Toru (released November 15, 2000)
  • Tombs (released November 22, 2000)
  • Outtake 1 (released November 29, 2000)
  • Outtake 3 (release date unknown)
  • Temple (release date unknown)
  • Outtake 4 (released December 6, 2000)

The songs were released weekly with a description of the song and its creation by Matt Uelmen himself in an attempt to promote Diablo II. Now that the beta test for the expansion is beginning, you can find "Fortress" which was released March 27, 2001. I have been unable to find a reference to it on the site, and only discovered it through the "Blizzard Insider" mailing. Fortress can be found at .

An interview of Uelmen, done by GameSpot can be found at .

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