Marcia in the Brady Bunch. She is now a country singer and has an album When you Get a Little Lonely, and has a daughter Natalie. She was on television before the Brady Bunch, singing in Pillsbury Doughboy commercials, and was in Bewitched. Remarkably, she was also the voice of the first talking doll in the twentieth century, Chatty Cathy. (An associate of Edison's, Charles Batchelor, had made one in the 1880s; we must assume it wasn't practical.)

Her first solo single was called "Little Bird". Her favourite episode of the Brady Bunch is where she and her mother dressed up as hobos and sang. As each episode contained a little moral lesson to make them worth watching, we may ask what Maureen ("Mo") felt was the "most valuable learning experience" she got from the series.

My most valuable learning experience while growing up in the Brady Bunch and later appearing on many talk shows, is to "Speak no Evil, See no Evil, and Tell No Evil", and to be a good listener.
There is a chance to chat with her at 9 p.m. EST on 26 January 2001. If you're reading this after that date, I'm afraid you've missed out for this time, but check for updates.

No I'm not an obsessed saddo, I just quite liked her, that's all. And I preferred Susan Dey.

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