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The Mauser C96 (Construktion 96) pistol was a common sidearm for the German Wehrmacht during World War II.

The C96 is commonly known in one of its incarnations - the Broomhandle, where a large rifle butt is attached to the pistol for increased accuracy.
The most common chambering for this pistol is 7.63mm Mauser. But it also exist in 9mm variants.

The C96 was invented by the Freederle brothers Fidel, Freidrich and Josef, who ran an experimental workshop for Paul Mauser. Production of the pistol began in 1896 and ended in 1939.

The evolution of the C96 is characterized by improvement upon redesign upon change. Mauser would make a change to the C96, produce several hundred or thousand pistols with some changes, only to revert to the old way of making C96's for a dozen or a thousand or so pistols, then go back to producing the pistols with the changes. Markings were changed, the shape and size of parts changed, at least four different types of safeties were produced, and even the milling patterns on the frames changed.

Caliber: 7.63mm, 9mm.
Clip: 10, 20, 40, 6 rounds.
Action: Single Action Semi Automatic.

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