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NiceQuest 2007 Part Two: About a fellow noder

Sometimes what seems irrelevant to me is very relevant to someone else, I had a message months/years ago from someone who said one paragraph of something I wrote helped him resolve something. It was a paragraph I nearly dropped because it seemed out of place and meaningless. How right we are when we least know it.
A message I had received from theDeadGuy

This is a thank you.

I watch a man write woven words,
As a blank parchment listens,
To flighting emotions,
Like a fire with no limit,
It dances upon the ground,
Exceeding devouring heights.

theDeadGuy has captured stories of wild dreams, meanings upon sentences, timelessness upon paragraphs and a lifetime upon pages. I am thankful he has chosen to share anonymously, a canvas of beautiful pieced together secrets.

To me, he is a great writer. I believe he tries to help others by explaining his experiences. It had meant a lot to me when he noded Like A Prayer. Sometimes when another writes it can be used as a healing process, it can lift weight off our shoulders.

His writing is for individual interpretation with stories that may hit home with you. It is a reminder that we are human as we all experience fears, troubles, jokes, dreams, the past and anything else imaginable. I can relate to some of theDeadGuy's nodes which include "No journey worth taking is easy", "Give everything you can to everyone you know" and "To Pheonix".

The sky holds the sun,
Above seas of falling snow,
And showers welcome.

The main message I have received from his writing is that things around us change but we can learn from them. He has unknowingly motivated me to join Everything2 and has been an influence on me to grow through learning, creating and teaching.

In you, theres faith to keep going,
Thrown off, the faithful old wind shows,
Tell me what your tears are towing,
Showing, your beauty is sowing.

By e-lainey from A Soul Made of Rose

I hope he finds what he is searching for.

NiceQuest 2007 Part Three: About a good deed, I tipped out my wallet to a Bowel Cancer Fundraiser

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