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Fweeeeee! Counting down the days. 94 to go, theoretically. I think in a way putting a number on it made things worse. Maybe I should count it in paychecks instead. Put that way it's 7 paychecks, probably. It's all good, though, I think.

We've had some alcohol-induced drama around here of late. Seems that folks getting utterly feschnickered, pissing in trash cans, power-puking all over berthing, fighting shopkeepers and attempting to pee on the Keystone Kopscops leaves a bad taste in the command's mouth. Gee, I wonder why? So, there was a mass Article 15 yesterday. Too bad the dumbfucks responsible can't get slapped on restriction long enough to still be here after we get home. Bah, I'm not usually that bloodthirsty, but I can't stand buddy-fuckers. It's one thing to have little regard for your shipmates, it's another entirely to decide that a bottle of fucking vodka is so important that you are willing to get the entire ship, from E-1 to O-5, caged. Because if we fuck up again, that's what happens. The entire ship goes on Class C liberty risk, and nobody steps one foot off. For how long, we don't know - that's some three-star muckety-muck's decision.

It's either that, or it's married guys chasing one-night stands. I'm not going to cite any vague religious reasons for disapproving of that, though. No, it's really quite simple. It's dishonorable. You swore to remain faithful, you gave your word as a good person. If you go back on that, what the hell is your word worth? And these fools wonder why marriages come apart. Furrfu. Now, I know there's a lot of temptation out there, and being what I am, I probably don't get the intensity of it. Alright, I get the picture already, I'm something less than human. Fine. I am what I am, and damn it, I like what I am even if there are some things I'd change if I could. But that's Another Rant.

Anywhee. I'm just trying not to completely lose it.

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