... Air quality alert in effect for Wednesday may 17th...

The department of environmental protection has issued a
code Orange air quality action day for ground level ozone...
in effect for Wednesday may 17th.

An air quality alert means that air quality within the region may
approach or exceed unhealthy standards. For more information on
current and forecast concentrations of ground-level ozone and fine
particulates, visit www.Airnow.Gov.

(essential) You have a whole lot more space for your writeup...why so short? Tell us more! Try to include some references or "further reading" through hard-links.

I don't usually cut and paste, realize this is so last week, but I have to hone my computer skills, look back and be grateful while also being in the present and laugh at some of the things I find every day on the Internet.

Now that the sons and the ever helpful girlfriend who basically lives here half the week have taken over some of the house rules while I was off in my cardiac condo for three months, I no longer have the bother of cable TV with its commercials, constant barrage of news, and shows at inconvenient times.

Binge watching has become the new fad for me from Joe Rogan interviews to youtube dancers to Neil DeGrasse Tyson podcasts to you-name-it-I'm-watching BBC murder mysteries. And OMG are there some excellent ones along with documentaries galore on medical marijuana, stomach health, Bob Ross shorts that are better than any sedatives, standup comedy specials, the list is endless like the Library of Heaven.

Daylogging is for dumping your private fuckage right? In my opinion, FWIW and BTW, NOBODY SHOULD EVER DOWN VOTE DAY LOGS. What is wrong with you negative people?? For fuck's sake, stop being so small minded and insensitive. No one is asking but let's just say there comes a time when this place no longer feels like a good place to be. I can relate to those who have fled.

In summary, life is moving forward, my health better, still juggling timing of meds and sleeping with Medtronic who silently scans the pacemaker's computer, sending a download of so far inactivity in terms of pacemaker needing to work. Was almost killed by youngest son when temps went up over 90F, which would have been a shame in terms of his software business with brother (also on the chopping block).

Solution was simple. Replace 4 A/C units, then watch weather drop 30 degrees the same night. The girlfriend confirmed possible deaths via texts sent so I suppose she intervened, promising him some Cuban food. One of the reasons I admire this young lady is she is unabashedly enthusiastic about eating. She also sings in Spanish as she cooks, her tiny tattooed feet lightly dancing.

So, that's all folks. Oh, as for the former Congressional staffer, I took one last phone call, listened as he lied about EVERYTHING, but in my head I imagined him with broken legs, called his numerous bluffs, then told one lie back. Later I wrote a 3 page letter that I'll never send but it felt fucking great to write. So yeah, happy trails to you. Be all you can be. Or as the Chinese fortune cookie on my refrigerator says, "You are offered the dream of a lifetime. Say yes!"

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