The lot's about a 3:2 rectangle with one narrow side on a one lane, town-maintained dirt road; the back line gives me the highest piece of terrain in eyeball distance, overlooking most of the county, and the whole 17 acres is ringed in a low New England stone wall so old that it's mentioned in the deed as far back as the records go.

I have a whole holler to myself, from the peak in the back and ridge to ridge on either side. The most recent topos say it's about 200' elevation delta, rear line to road.

The whole thing is wooded, not old growth but mature, and I have a strong suspicion that the place is dotted with springs. Soil surveys show two types of silty loam in a pattern than my inexpert but informed eye tells me is the result of two separate glacier deposition events.

There's electric at the street, if I want to have a pole put in.

The deal closes on the 10th.

I've got the plans for a 16x24 timberframe cabin next to my study chair, and I'm sharpening my tools and making sure the truck is all caught up on the next couple years worth of big ticket maintenance and projected failures.

I did it.

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