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The band is Mazzy Star.

The members are:

The sound is exquisite.

Psychedelic? Maybe on She Hangs Brightly.

Dreamy? Maybe on So Tonight...

Quiet? Maybe on Among My Swan.

The best way I can describe Mazzy Star is to say they made pretty music. Not very radio friendly (at least here in the UK. Music radio is very sterile in this country. I have only heard Mazzy Star once, on my local indie station Xfm. Even that was a 'daring' move for a daytime DJ. Then again it was during the 1998 World Cup so only a few people were listening).

Hope has a voice that fits her band's sound. It reminds me of the shoegazing type - blend the human voice on top of the FX'd guitars. She sang on the The Chemical Brothers' 'Asleep From Day'.

My favourite track is either Into Dust or Fade Into You. Which kinda makes my favourite album So Tonight..

When I get my first guitar, rather than excitedly murder 'Stairway To Heaven' I'm going to attempt 'Into Dust'

(cd) Discography

She Hangs Brightly


  1. Halah
  2. Blue Flower
  3. Ride It On
  4. She Hangs Brightly
  5. I´m Sailin
  6. Give You My Lovin
  7. Be My Angel
  8. Taste Of Blood
  9. Ghost Highway
  10. Free
  11. Before I Sleep

So Tonight That I Might See


  1. Fade Into You
  2. Bells Ring
  3. Mary Of Silence
  4. Five String Serenade
  5. Blue Light
  6. She´s My Baby
  7. Unreflected
  8. Wasted
  9. Into Dust
  10. So Tonight That I Might See

Fade Into You EP


  1. Fade Into You
  2. I’m Gonna Bake My Biscuit
  3. Under My Car
  4. Bells Ring (Acoustic Version)

Halah EP


  1. Halah
  2. She's My Baby
  3. Fade Into You
  4. Five String Serenade

Among My Swan


  1. Disappear
  2. Flowers In December
  3. Rhymes Of An Hour
  4. Cry, Cry
  5. Take Everything
  6. Still Cold
  7. All Your Sisters
  8. I've Been Let Down
  9. Roseblood
  10. Happy
  11. Umbilical
  12. Look On Down From The Bridge

Flowers In December CD1


  1. Flowers in December
  2. Tell Your Honey
  3. Hair and Skin

Flowers In December CD2


  1. Flowers in December
  2. Ride It On (Live)
  3. Had a Thought

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