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Medal of Honor European Assault

A Time For Heroes, A Time For Honor

European Assault is a good game. Its graphics are good, the gameplay is good, and its music is perhaps the best in the gaming industry. The game has 12 levels and 4 different settings from Stalingrad to the Battle of the Bulge. You can also hook up with a friend and play multiplayer, or using the PS2 adapter, 4 players.

MOHEA's squadmates aren't that of Brothers to Arms, but still are better then just standing around like dummies and getting killed. To top it off, you complete secondary, un-mandatory objectives and earn revives, which are just like lives. Some of your secondary objectives almost always include killing German bosses called Nemeises and collecting documents for the OSS.

At the begining of the mission you only see the objectives that you can do, but as you progress through the game you unlock them. For example if you encounter a radio antenna, you will be radioed and will be asked to destroy it. After destroying it, usually by planting a charge, you will earn a revive, usually around the secondary objective.

This game yearns for a network adapter/system. Also sometimes, your squadmate comes in your view while you are aiming at your enemy and becomes semi-transparent, making it hard to aim.

MOHEA is an awesome game. I suggest that you try to save everything you have for it. It keeps you busy for hours, and is a good example for all first person shooter video games.

Our Rating:

Overall 9.25
Graphics 8
Sound 10
Control 9
Fun Factor 10

This review was taken off of my site which you can visit at http://uogamr.tripod.com/id1.html . This node was not createad to advertise this site, but to rather create a review for this awesome game

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