Medellín (say in English 'MEdEgIn' or mɛdəˈjiːn) is the second larger urban center of Colombia (population 2.223.078 according with DANE 2006, density 5,320.75/km² (13,780.7/sq mi). It is also the firts industrial center after Bogotá.

The South American city is located at 6° 13´ 55" N and 75° 34´ 05" O, 4,00 kms away from Bogotá at North-West. Although in the Tropic, its climate is affected by the Andenean Range: 1,495 m (4,904.9 ft) up the sea level and 18 to 28ºC or 64 to 82ºF.

The city was founded on March 2, 1616 by don Francisco Herrera y Campuzano (original name "San Lorenzo de Aburrá") and erected on November 2, 1675 by Queen Mariana de Austria as a Spaniard colonial villa belonging to Antioquia province of the Popayán administration. In 1813 the governor don Juan del Corral declared it "city" due to its commercial importance, already during the Independence period of Colombia.

The name "Medellín" was given to honor don Pedro Portocarrero y Luna of Medellín (Extremadura, Spain).

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