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Ten Characteristics of a Medieval Romance:

  1. Characters are knights, queens, kings, or heroes.
  2. The plot involves the adventures of knights or heroes and the institution of chivalry.
  3. Set in castles, gardens, forests, or other natural areas.
  4. Includes mysterious, magical, supernatural events.
  5. The hero is braver, nobler, and more honorable than the ordinary human - often having the use of magic or other powers.
  6. The hero/heroine may have a disguise to conceal his/her real identity.
  7. The hero/heroine is often motivated by romantic love.
  8. The forces of good often oppose the forces of evil.
  9. A dragon, fiend, or monster may symbolize this evil.
  10. The story leaves the reader with a feeling of optimism about the future.

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