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Melanie Rawn is currently an author of fantasy/sci-fi genre books. Her most notable novel (and in my opinion, her best) is Dragon Prince which is the first book in two connecting trilogies.

Rawn's books are not only escape reality readings, but one's that argue a point on subjects. Rawn has a political nature that shows up in her writings when the subject of abortion or women's rights come up. She sticks with Marion Zimmer Bradley's tone of women in power being natural in society.

Rawn has currently published two trilogies, a novel and its sequel (which is rumored to actually be an unfinished trilogy), and another singular novel. Each of her books spans 500 to 700 pages, each one packed with content. Rawn's writing focuses on the people and their relationships. Even though many battles span the series, she never loses the connection each individual carries to the current situation.

Rawn's current titles are:
first trilogy:
Dragon Prince
Star Scroll
Sunrunner's Fire
second trilogy:
Dragon Token
Exile's series:
Mageborn Traitor
Ruins of Ambrai
other title (written with two other authors):
Golden Key

There have been other books, which I consider less notable, and not worth mentioning here. Her up and coming novel (which has been up and coming for over a year now) is titled The Diviner.
I highly suggest Melanie Rawn as an author, especially Dragon Prince, for anyone who reads the fantasy genre.

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