On November 6, 2003, Michael O. Leavitt was sworn in as the 10th Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency under the Bush administration. Prior to service in this role he was governor of Utah.

Leavitt was born in Cedar City, Utah in 1951 and graduated with a bachelor's degree in economics and business from Southern Utah University. After earning his degree he went to work and later became president and CEO of the Leavitt Group, an insurance firm.

Leavitt became governor of Utah and served as the nation's longest serving governor with over a decade of service to the people. While he was serving in the roles, Leavitt's Utah was ranked as one of the best-managed states in the country. He has helped reduce taxes 28 times for a total reduction of just under $2 billion. Also during his period of service the 2002 Olympic Winter Games were held in Salt Lake.

Along with former Governor John Kitzhaber, he co-authored an enviromental philosphy known as Enlibra which was adopted by the National Governors Association.

His work in this role along with helping the Winter Games become the most enviromentally friendly games ever helped him in his new position. Along with his work in the games, Leavitt has also worked with the Grand Canyon Visibility Transport Commission and co-chair of the Western Regional Air Partnership.

Since his appointment, Leavitt has worked hard to achieve his life-long goals of 1. Leave things better than he found them; 2. Plant Seeds for the next generation and 3. Give all he has. 1

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