For starters, luteus is a bacteria. Since it is a cocci, the bacteria are spherically shaped. The growth arrangement is tetrad, meaning the cocci are in groups of 4. If a gram stain is administered, one will find that luteus is gram positive, so it stains pink. The bacteria can be found on soil, and human skin. If it is on the skin, it causes and unpleasant odor, also known as "body odor". This bacteria does cause a disease, but it's very rare, and normally the immune system takes care of it rather quickly. However, people with AIDS get it, due to the immuno-deficiency syndrome. The bacteria causes a disease associated with the lining of the heart or blood vessels. Research has been done, and apperently there are native Iranian plants that can be used to actually cure the disease. This is helpful, considering that luteus is highly resistant to antibiotics. To be frank though, it doesn't matter much either way considering the rarity of this disease. And considering the fact that if you have AIDS, you're screwed anyways.

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