An advertising campain by America's Dairy Farmers to get people to drink more milk.

A Milk Moustache is just a thin lining of white milk where a moustache would go. Several celebs have appeared in milk moustaches, they are:

Cindy Crawford, Mike Myers, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, Mike Tyson, and several others.

The Milk Mustache idea was generated by a group of secretaries at Bozell, the advertising agency which won the Milk (or "milk") print campaign. It was the result of an open call to all agency employees for Milk ideas.

"How about doing celebrities with milk mustaches?" (or something to that effect), they said.

The rest is history. Or herstory, if you prefer.

Many, many producers and Creatives have attempted to take credit for the milk mustache. Hear ye, hear ye; it was secretaries.

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