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Recording artist for warp records. Her real name is Chantal Passamonte. She's South African and is married to Sean Booth of Autechre. She worked as a DJ and press officer for warp before starting her own production.

Her material could be lumped in with the IDM crowd, but it's alot more organic than most electronic music out there. She apparently records all her stuff to analog tape and then processes it, using lopsided rythms and alot of drone ala Seefeel or Spacemen 3. It's mostly instrumental, but occasionally there's fragmentary singing in a voice remniscient of the cranes.

It's very unique and surreal, sometimes sounding like the soundtrack to a brainy 70's horror movie. There's an unsettling feeling of isolation and disorientation running through all her work.

She has one full-length out, and "Pin Skeeling" is a collaboration with Mark Clifford of Disjecta that also has a snertly Boards of Canada remix.


One on One, lp warp records warp73

Pin Skeeling ep warp records wap97

Peel Session ep warp records wap140

Warp 10+3 Remixes compilation warp records warp69: remix of "Air Eyes" by Seefeel. (has very cool flintstones drum sample)

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