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Miuccia Prada is a brainy and pacesetting fashion designer whose genuine aura and frumpy avant garde designs have attracted ladies with class, along with sexy geek chicks like Milla Jovovich. and, cough, label whores. Miuccia is well known for her collections of puritan, schoolmarmish clothing, austere and modernistic dowdy. This is Prada’s panache; she can take an outmoded piece and chisel it into a creation that is simply divine and spare. There is never a speck here or there to detract from each outfit’s fundamental form, yet this does not make the creations plain. The shapes themselves were so inventive that their nakedness seems precise. Not to mention that her choice of fabrics is unique. The real bread and butter of Prada are her accessories, which often look straight off the Pony Express. They are solid, bankable designs.

The queen of minimalism, she is now working to evolve beyond this air of dreariness and purity for a slightly more embellished feel. She is aiming to throw in more richness, fantasy, and decoration. She is also highly inspired by technology, talking about “designing a chiffon dress whose fabric keeps you warm in the dead of winter." And what an apt invention this would be for Prada, who is famed for strolling about Milan bare-legged in icy weather, not to mention dressing in wool during muggy and humid summers. She has used plastics, latex and strips of film for some of her latest collections. "It is such an exciting moment. In the past, there were only cotton and silk. Now there are endless combinations of materials that can keep you warm, cool, dry, let your skin breathe--and they look wonderful."

Miuccia is not interested in custom dressing just any celebrity, solely because they are famous. She hates seeing stars dressed in clothes which express nothing about her personalities, and so she prefers to establish a kind of relationship with the individual first.

I remember Prada for the fashion magazine ads, the frozen, doll-like girls, the corpse-ish boys, the limbs always contorted, the clothes always clean and antique looking. Snow, death. Class. That’s the way it always made me feel.

i stole some sentences from http://www.fashionwindows.com/runway_sho ws/pradaF011.asp

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