Mk 50 Barracuda Light-Weight Torpedo

The Mk 50 Barracuda is the replacement light-weight torpedo for the aging Mk 46. The Mk 50 is the product of the Advanced Light-Weight Torpedo(ALWT) program. Light weight torpedoes are usually dropped off of aircraft or fired from ships after submarines, and are rather pathetic in terms of warhead weight in compairison to the heavy-weights that the submarines carry. The Mk 50 has an extremely effective shaped charge warhead. The Mk 50 is faster than the Mk 46 by roughly 10+ knots, but is of the same general weight(500 lbs). And they call it light! It can dive roughly 500 feet deeper than the Mk 46. The torpedoes most impressive feature is the homing system. The system not only gives operators "fire and forget" capability, but it also gives the torpedo a "smart" CPU. The Central Processing Unit can determine the difference between a submarine and its decoys. So basically, once this thing is headed your way, you should stick your head between your legs and kiss your sorry ass goodbye. Below I've included some facts from a warfare dictionary called The encyclopedia of modern weapons so that you can quote these and impress your freinds. In the words of the everything administration: Woe to those who do.

Top Speed: 55+ knots
Range: 8.5 miles
Maximum Depth: 1973 feet
Warhead: 100-lbs shaped charge High Explosive

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