This is quick and easy introduction to Mochi.

1. Get a Mochi from a local Japanese grocery store: Mochi can be found in a package as a form of either blocks or round block like cookies. Ask the salesperson where you can find it.

2. While you are at the store, also get a package of Nori (Sheets of dried Seaweed).

3. If you don’t have Shoyu (Soy sauce), get one of it, too.

4. Get some Cheddar or commercial Mozzarella cheese (Provolone or Monterey Jack would do fine, too) at your regular grocery stores.

5. Cut the cheese to 1/4 inch thick slices.

6. Cut Nori sheets (Nori sheets are usually packed the size of 7 * 8 in) into smaller pieces so you can wrap one piece of it around each of the Mochi cake.

7. Grill/broil the Mochi cakes on each side under a medium heat for 2-3 minutes, turning them frequently to prevent from burning.

8. While grilled/broiled Mochi cakes are still hot and cooking, make a horizontal slit at the side (like you’d slice biscuits to put some butter in) and insert a slice of cheese.

9. Continue grilling/broiling the Mochi cakes about 1 or more minutes until the cheese is starting to melt (you might not want to cook any more since cheese will start to melt almost right away at the time you insert it into the hot Mochi cake; it’s your call).

10. Wrap the grilled and cheese stuffed Mochi cake with prepared Nori.

11. Dip the prepared Mochi cake in the Shoyu and enjoy it.

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