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Informal organisation and think tank within the British Conservative Party, dedicated to evaluating and promoting conservative values and ideals and their application to public policy.

It is stridently pro-monarchy, and believes in Christian and nationalist values being taught in schools instead of political correctness, police adopting zero-tolerence methods, taxes being lowered (especially, and most regressively, for capital gains and death duties), English language competence being mandatory for British citizenship, and the right for Britain to leave the European Union. One article on their website cautions against civil liberties being taken away through water fluoridation.

Some may see it is a group of senile old fogy Tory imperialists idealising an England that has long since moved towards neo-liberal, multicultural policies, but others say that it promotes core values from which Britain can better operate in a modern world.

The Conservative Party itself may be influenced by their ideology, but it is a large enough church to have differing views. For example, while there are many in the Conservative Party who favour European currency union, the Monday club has a straight-forward stuff the Euro policy.

ref: http://www.conservativeuk.com/

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