Monopoly Tycoon is billed as the first "competitive simulation" PC game. Loosley structured around the familiar Monopoly board game, Monopoly Tycoon incorporates the strategy of familiar sims like Roller Coaster Tycoon and the free-wheeling business world of Monopoly.

Developed by Infogrames, the creators of Rollercoaster Tycoon and Deep Red, players race against each other to build businesses and attract customers, check out on the competition, bid on the familiar properties like the ritzy Boardwalk, and Park Place or be out in the sticks on Baltic Avenue. (I'm guessing that different versions will be created for other countries that have different property sets like Mayfair and Park Lane in place of Boardwalk and Park Place in the United Kingdom.

I've spent some time playing the game, and I'm fairly impressed with the strategy and gameplay of Monopoly Tycoon. The computer players, who are named Thimble, Dog, Shoe, Cannon, Iron, Racecar, Horse, Ship after the tokens from the original game all have appropriate personalities and playing styles to match the stereotypes of their tokens. They are alway at your heels ready to pounce on you and undercut your businesses. If the computer isn't good enough for you, there is also a multi-player mode that accomodates up to 6 different players over a network.

If you like games like SimCity, The Sims, Railroad Tycoon or other similar strategey games, then Monopoly Tycoon is a great game for you.

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