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Constructed in 1993, Moomin World (Muumimaailma in Finnish) is a theme park based on Tove Jansson's charming Moomin stories. The park is built on two islands in the coastal town of Naantali, near Turku in Finland's south-west corner.

The main island is Moomin-themed with the books' characters brought to life in the houses of Moominvalley - as well as a house of surprises and a shop. A theatre offers 7 plays per day in Finnish and Swedish.

There is a second island in the park - Väski Adventure Island - with a pirate theme. There are treasure hunt trails, and other games such as wooden-leg throwing, and tug of war. There is a spectacular show three times per day, performed (in Finnish) by the pirates. Väski Island also has a traditional village - showing the way of life from years gone by. Traditional crafts and animal keeping can be seen in action.

Opening Times and Prices

In the short summer season (early June to early August), the park is open 10am until 6pm, and also for a couple of weekends following the end of the season. Väski Island is open from noon until 7pm during the same season.

In the 2002 season, 13 euros would gain you entrance to the Moomin Island and theatre for a day; 20 euros gave access to both islands, including the round trip transfer by boat.

The car park cost 4 euros per day, and there is also a dog park with trained staff for 7 euros per day.


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