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Literally, Moorland Chicken. Another fad which didn't make it over here because Americans 'don't get it' (see Flat Eric for another example of this).
A German duck hunt game, for the Windows PCs, populated with cartoony chicken figures and sound FX. Europe went absolutely apeshit over that game. Hidden in the game are Easter Eggs that keep the player interested.
The game was originally commissioned by Johnny Walker whisky for a marketing campaign.
One of the few english website explaining the madness: http://members.shaw.ca/moorhuhn

Moorhuhn releases:

  • MoorHuhn Jagd (Johnny Walker)
  • Moorhuhn 2 (by Computer Channel, puzzles and Easter Eggs added)
  • Moorhuhn Winter Edition (by Chip-Online, M2 with a Winter Theme)
  • Moorhuhn 3 (with Bild.de, the final chapter in the Trilogy, just released)
  • coming soon : Moorfrosch (Moor Frog)

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