A long, transparent drape that is attached to the ceiling directly over your bed. You tuck it into the sides of the bed to prevent annoying bloodsucking insects such as mosquitoes to enter and disturb your sleep.

The mosquito net is usually made from a fine mesh of artificial fibers, small enough to block the insect from entering, but porous enough to see right through. It is always white to allow you to spot the insects easier against the net, which you can then use the electric fly swatter to zap them to oblivion. Usually used in more tropical countries where insects are more of a problem than in colder climates.

If the buzzing noise still disturbs you (as it does to me), I recommend attaching the net on the ceiling over your head instead of over the middle of the bed, hence giving your head some space from the net. If that doesn't work, then you can only bury your head under the pillow. Or better yet, get air conditioning and crank it up. Bugs get more dormant in cold temperatures and won't fly around.

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