Started in 2000, the Mutek Festival of Montreal quickly grew to become one of the most highly regarded experimental music showcases in North America. Mutek is known for its balancing of local musicians (Akufen, Mitch Akiyama, Pheek) with those of international renown (Radioboy, Vladislav Delay, Matmos). These artists perform in such venues as the SAT (Societe des Arts et Technologie) and the Ex-centris movie theatre. The Mutek Organisation also promotes smaller concerts throughout the year, as well as releasing compilation CDs featuring the festival's artists. The Mutek Festival takes place in late May and early June and usually runs for about five or six days.

As to my personal experience of the Mutek festival, it is a PARTY. Although this is an experimental music event, don't expect the stereotypical roomful of shaven-headed white guys with glasses nodding their heads. Rave kids, musicians, tourists, and clubbers all come out for the shows, which are, from my experience, musically challenging and interesting (especially Matmos) as well as a hell of a lot of fun (the heavy flow of Molson products at the events probably helps a bit).

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