A late 80's show with a Sci-Fi feel to it, the show ran from 1988-1990, and featured Andrew (Jerry O'Connell), a kid who stumbled onto his neighbour and friend Dr. J's basement lab during an experiment. He gets hit with a beam, and develops super powers as a result. Most of the episodes involve Andrew learning to deal with his powers, saving his friends using his powers, and making sure that knowledge of his powers stays secret, in the same vein as The Secret World of Alex Mack.

Some of his powers included Super speed, Invulnerability and later, Super Strength. The funniest power, though, was his 'flying', which was actually some form of anti-gravity power, because to actually fly, he carried hair-spray cans with him to use as directional jets.

Easily forgetable, accept perhaps the theme song, one of those classic 80's guitar riffs with the line:

You'll never guess my secret identity!...

Jerry used the Sci-Fi knowledge he aquired in the show to star in his next major television series, Sliders.

and my own memories

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