My first writeup.

I read everything. In the dim light of breakfast, I'll devour every word on the cereal box, move on to the milk carton, and then the junk mail left lying from the day before. Anything that's within arms reach, anything with printed words; sentence structure not required. Anything that catches my eye, that maybe, just maybe, will prove interesting.

Then I will move back to the cereal box to make sure I did not miss anything.

Since I only eat breakfast once a day, I usually do not have the milk carton standing in front of me to read and comprehend and assimilate. Everything2 has become my digital milk carton, if you will. Before breakfast, seconds after stumbling out of bed, and enduring the cold, concrete floor, I pour a tall glass of Everything. I punch the alarm clock, turn on the monitor, dial up, and take a few sips. Then a nice long chug... and it has to be the most refreshing way to wake up that I have found yet. My few precious moments of bliss before I suit up for the big rat race.

I thank you all for that.

I joined E2 a few minutes ago, after attempting to understand its complexities for several weeks. I couldn't make up my mind about joining. It felt like a very big thing. It still feels like a big thing and I have a feeling that if I am blessed with a few more brief minutes of this life, in two years, it will still be a big thing. But back to the now. As I prepare my first writeup, I have become the milk I pour each morning from my bottomless, totally redesigned, digital milk carton. I have a lot to say, and hopefully, you will enjoy this glass of milk I now pour for you, as much as I relish the one provided to me.

I will try not to spill much.

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