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'My mother went to market' is a children's game well-designed for long car or train journeys. It happens to have the side benefit of exercising memory, particularly auditory memory and working memory.

While no materials are required, it is often best to have one person acting as a 'judge', who will keep track of the items listed on a piece of paper. This game is usually best with at least four players, although it will work with only 2-3.

Game play is very simple: the first player says "One day my mother went to market, and she bought a {foo}", the second players says "One day my mother went to market, and she bought a {foo} and a {bar}", and so on. Each player adds one more item to the list, and the first player to miss an item loses. Sometimes the items bought are restricted, in that they must all be fruit, must all start with the same letter, etc.

This game exists in various versions, including "I went to market", "I have in my bag", or "I'm going to outer space (and I'm going to bring)". Obviously, anything amusing is game, but "my mother went to market" appears to be the most traditional, and the most likely to be recognized by older adults.


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