Yes, yes he is. It is much better than when he swears at his radiator. That scares me.

He is really old and sometimes I walk out of the building and find him watching traffic, just sitting there.. staring at cars as they go by.. Often times I pass him on the street and say hi, and he is scatting.. boogie doo wa shoobie doobie.. and he is staring off into nothing and never says hi back. But I still say hi to him.

He has a tatoo on his left arm of an anchor, I guess he must have been a sailor at one time.

Now I wonder what my neighbors think of me. Hrm. Probably wondering why they occasionally hear a PLUNK cuz I fall down when running for the phone a lot. I'm a clutz, ok? :) but I just bought this new ocarina and i really want to play it, but I don't want my neighbors to be annoyed :)

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