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The NEC MultiSpins were a series of CD-ROM drives produced by NEC throughout the 1990s. They are notable because they were the Cadillacs of the CD-ROM world.

MultiSpins typically had illuminated LCD displays that would show you how fast the drive was reading from the disc, a numerical readout to show you what track from a music CD was playing, as well as very useful-if-rarely-seen error codes when something goes horribly wrong.

A few models even had a fancy rotating double door design to load the disc. You would turn the door down and it would stay open with a click so you could insert the CD Caddy, then pop back up automatically when the caddy got loaded. To eject he disc, just turn the door down again. Way over-complicated for just loading a CD, but it was cool! It almost (key word: *almost*) made up for having to deal with CD Caddies.

Back when these fancy drives came out, a typical plain CD-ROM reader would set you back a good $500, so throwing in these extra feeps was NEC's way of making it easier to drop that much on a drive. As manufacturing costs came down, CD-ROM drives lost all these fancy features to save money, but who the heck plays music CDs using the drive's DAC anymore these days?

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