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New England Complex Systems Institute An independent academic institution drawing on the talents of a number of Boston area scholars. NECSI is situated on tree lined Mt. Auburn Street in Cambridge, MA a bit more towards Harvard than towards MIT—the geography is offset by the predominance of MIT on the affiliation list.

The institute has been characterized as focused on offering slick executive education. The presence of the non-academic Tom Petzinger on NECSI's faculty list backs that assertion up. But there appears to be more going on, including outreach and educational support, publication and conferences, and grant channeling.

      Complex systems have multiple interacting components
      whose collective behavior cannot be simply inferred
      from the behavior of components. The recognition that
      understanding the parts cannot explain collective
      behavior has led to various new concepts and
      methodologies that are affecting all fields of science
      and engineering, and are being applied to technology,
      business and even social policy.

        NECSI, http://necsi.org

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