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Narragansett is a small town in Rhode Island surrounded by South Kingstown on one side, North Kingstown on another, and the Atlantic Ocean on the last. It has 2 sections: the north end ,mostly residential and completely boring as of now with the exception of the URI Bay Campus; the south end, which contains Galilee, a major port area in the state, and is usually littered with fishing boats, multiple ferries to Block Island, five state beaches, and more seagulls than the hatless tourist would like to see; and the Town, where all important town buildings are. The Town also has a beach where you have to pay to get onto, though state law dictates that the beaches are free to the public up until the high tide mark). In the past few years the town council has attempted to make it more interesting for residents and more importantly tourists in the off season, but the skating rink they installed (Right next to the ocean which keeps it brackish and thus it doesn't freeze) has been a terrible failure. End Rant.

Some interesting town facts:

Narragansett, like Newport, has always been a playground for the rich. In the 1800's there was a casino that stretched all along the seawall in the central town area. It burned down completely and all that remains are the towers. These towers are now the most prominent symbol (next to the mighty sea herself) of the town of Narragansett.

Narragansett was once a part of South Kingstown, but separated because of a dispute over installing a sewer system. You see, in the 1800's it was popular to leave the big cities like New York and Boston (where the hot weather and people emptying their chamberpots out the windows was a lethal or at least a wholeheartedly unpleasant combo) and go to cute seaside towns where the smell of the sea (read rotting fish) was preferable. Without the sewers it would still stink so they broke away and built up their little posh haven.

Until the 1970s, kids still attended the South Kingston public school system where they were the best at athletics, academics, and social behavior. Narragansett finally built their own school system and has yet to recover educationally.

Bonnet Shores (a neighborhood in the North End) is a haven for URI Students.

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