NCSF ( is a US based organization whose purpose is to protect freedom of sexual expression. Their mission has included working to change outdated laws which impinge on sexual expression and freedoms, and education both among the leather community and law enforcement.

This organization has been available to help communities and individuals in defending themselves against prosecutions for sodomy, consensual S&M and a wide variety of other legal or political issues. NCSF provided substantial aid to local organizations such as Club X in San Diego or the defendants in the Attleboro, MA prosecution of a group engaged in consensual SM (police charged a woman with assault for hitting her partner with a wooden spoon). Both of these cases were ultimately settled favorably in court, not however without substantial personal and financial costs to the participants.

Since its inception in 1997 NSCF has worked to lobby Congress on matters of sexual freedoms, runs a law enforcement outreach program, aimed at educating police and prosecutors in the differences between S&M and abuse and has been active with groups working to repeal archaic sodomy statutes.

In 2001, NCSF reported working with individuals who contacted them for assistance in the following instances:

Criminal 73
Child Custody/Divorce 461
Job Discrimination 392
Other 36


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