The New York - New York Hotel & Casino is one of the many theme casinos along the main strip of Las Vegas. This massive complex boasts a skyline of 12 skyscrapers at one third the size of the real New York City. Standing tall within this skyline is a replica Empire States Building (529 feet, 47 stories). In the front of this casino stands a replica of the Statue of Liberty (150 feet tall) and a 300 foot long Brooklyn Bridge. Circling around the casino is the Manhattan Express (a Coney Island style roller coaster).

The Manhattan Express is one of the several casino related roller coasters. While this one is not as outrageous as some (the Stratosphere's High Roller for example) it does provide an interesting ride - climbing 203 feet and dropping 144 feet. It reaches a top speed of 67 MPH.

On ground level there are two distinct areas to the hotel - the casino and the theme. The casino part is a classic Las Vegas casino with all manner of classic casino games from the slots to the tables. There is anything more special here than any other casino - it just depends on your tastes.

The other section has the theme of New York and provides a wide array of NY style bars, restaurants, and shopping from places with names like "The Bar at Times Square" to "Soho Village" and "Coney Island Pavilion". The entire area is made to look like street level New York City. It was here that the 1997-8 New Years Eve was done in New York and Las Vegas "at the same time" (it was actually recorded in November).

Roninspoon notes that the steak house by the name of Gallaghers is superb and reminds me of the man hole covers that occasionaly belch "steam". This also is the only location to have a Nathan's Hot Dogs west of... well, New York. To which Chris-O adds "actually, there's a Nathan's Hot Dogs in Tempe, AZ, in the Arizona Mills Mall. not a good standalone one, but it's a Nathan's nevertheless."
Visit back in November 1997

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