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Newton North High School, or simply North or NNHS for short, is one of two high schools in Newton. Known for its high academic reputation. This is probably due to the fact that Newton in general is rather affluent, which means more tax dollars, which means more funds for education. Some vital statistics:

Address: 360 Lowell Ave. Newtonville, Mass. 02460 Principal: Jennifer Huntington Mascot / Team name: The Tiger Newspaper: The Newtonite

Like any other high school, it has all the quirks that make it unique among the others. It used to be a joint high school / tech-voc school, but all the tech-voc programs and equipment has since been assimilated into the standard curriculum. So the resulting mix of students from very different economic backgrounds is somewhat unusual.

Also, like the rest of Newton, political sentiment is overwhelmingly liberal. North has recently made headlines (well, local ones anyway) for an elaborate day dedicated to education about transsexual, bisexual, gay and lesbian awareness. The city's conservative element, a small but vocal minority, was up in arms about the event, believing that the school's administration was corrupting the town's youth. In a similar incident, shortly after September 11th someone noticed a clause in some old law that required every classroom to have a flag. It was also noticed that North had been failing to comply with this law for about the last 50 years. The school administration quickly paid something like $44,000 to buy and install a flag for each room. This might seem like a lot, but it's nothing compared to the $500,000 they would have owed in the fines that had accumulated since 1950.

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