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An sketch on Saturday Night Live. It consists of Nick Burns, Your Company's Computer Guy, spewing nonsense at idiot cow-orkers. The funny thing is, while 99% of the audience is laughing at Nick, the rest of us are laughing at the workers.

Oh, and by the way... YOU'RE WELCOME!

A great character on Saturday Night Live, played by Jimmy Fallon. Nick Burns, your company's computer guy, heads in and helps fix all the problems of the staff. Most geeks will be laughing at the clueless ID10Ts on staff, while the rest of the world laughs at the geek, who is a total arrogant snob.

"Well, Nick, I, uh, can't get my E-Mail today-"
"Whoah slow down there, man, my brain doesn't have a ZIP Drive in it."

"Hey Nick, over here, I need to install the MS Outlook patch..."
"Hey, hold up a sec, Patch Addams"

-usually proceeds to walk over and type on the keyboard, then laugh at the person. "Sounds like you're a few megs short of a gig. Hehehe"

Or something like "You're slower than a 386 with 640kb RAM and a 20rpm drive"

Later on his character expanded a bit, with him having a brief fling with a geek chick.

Check for video clips on gnutella and snl25.com

Thanks to EggZ

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