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"There was the Clear Light, the Void, and It alone was. The One Mind, apart of nothing, yet containing everything, it alone the True Creator. Formless, Nameless, without Definition, yet flowing through all that has form, name, and definition. From the One Mind there came Two Matrixes, two sides of the same coin, Night and Day. Twin Soul Creators to each side, the Yin- Yang of Night and Yang-Yin of Day. And so the Night and Day of the Omniverse was born."


"Until you achieve a very, very advance point in your evolution, you'll have a physical body of some kind. The Soul of this world has the Earth as its body and humankind is killing it. This so- called dominion by man has poisoned the streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans of the Earth, the Earth's circulatory system. The air, Earth's respiratory system, is poisoned. The soil itself is poisoned, stripped mined, littered, great holes filled with non- biodegradable products. The trees and forests destroyed wantonly, savagely, and soon the oxygen they generate will not be enough to sustain life. Acid rain instead of the clean rains. Underground nuclear testing disrupting the physical and etheric shell of the Earth Body not to speak of the Astral and Higher Body damage done by this intensely Yang energy. Ozone destroying the upper atmosphere and the protection from the harmful ultraviolet radiation. Wanton destruction of wildlife of which some is inhabited by races of greater advancement than humankind. Just how much longer will man act as a deadly cancer in the Earth's body. At the rate of destruction it will not be much longer before humankind as you know it will cease to exist and that is exactly what the Yang forces in the Omniverse want.

"Then they have the right to come and claim the Earth as they did before as recorded in the Old Testament of the Bible and in other ancient myths. Humankind will once more find itself enslaved and bowing before a technologically higher race as it was in the ancient days. This must not happen! This is what Night Magick is all about.

"Teaching you the truth about your existence. Placing back into your hands the truth concerning the Yin Primal Force of which you are a part. To give to you the tools to balance yourself and the Earth in Oneness with the Night Spirit. What is Night Magick?

"Night Magick is the arts, rites, practices, and teachings of a Night Magician. Night Magick is the lore of a Night Magician. The lore must be learned not only with the eyes and brain but also with the heart. It is a way of life and must be lived to be fully understood. Night Magick is founded on the ancient knowledge and wisdom that preceded the history of the Earth. Though Night Magick is based on ancient teachings it is no less applicable to the modern world. Night Magick is a magickal discipline. Through its rules, instruction, and exercises it provides for you a code of conduct and a way of living that brings to you the greatest possible Yin growth. It is a philosophy. The goal of a Night Magician is the Eternal Pursuit of Wisdom and Knowledge based on the Yin Primal Force. It is a science. For through the study and practice of the lore, you will gain greater knowledge and wisdom. Through Night Magick you will achieve perfection in your physical, emotional, mental, and magickal natures. You will become the sum of all that you can ever be. You will become the Night Oversoul in Consciousness and Action. Night Magick is a lore that will achieve for you your return to the Night..."

-- The Book of Night Magick

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