Nikwax is a company that specializes in products for cleaning and waterproofing. They make specialized products for various types of clothing, footwear, as well as equipment. They’re slogan is “Easier, Safer, Drier.”

The products are Water Based and are easier to use than other brands. Whatever it is you are trying to waterproof and clean, Nikwax products make this easy.

The fabric treatments do not require the garments to be ironed or tumble dried in order to activate the water-repellency. Many similar products require the garment to be subjected to high heat. Another advantage of NikWax fabric treatments are the variety of application methods. They have machine wash-in, hand wash, spray-on, and even paint-on formulas; none of which blow away in the wind.

The footwear treatments they offer are convenient in that they can be applied to damp materials, unlike most that require you to wait for the footwear to dry before applying the treatment. These products work with the first application thus saving time and money. They have an easy to use sponge applicator, which makes it easy to get all of the product onto the boot. Also, like the fabric treatments, no heating is required.

The equipment treatments can be painted on, washed in, soaked in a bucket, or even sprayed on to the fabric, ropes, paper, or whatever else is being treated and cleaned.

They are safer for the user than many products because they do not get off noxious fumes, are non-flammable and are non-toxic. They are safer for the environment as well. These products prolong the life of gear which saves the earth’s resources that would be needed to make new gear. The products do not contain harmful chemical solvents, environment damaging propellant gases or animal products. They are never tested on animals and are always packed in recyclable containers.

The Water based products made by Nikwax keep you drier in several ways. They maintain and/or renew the Durable Water Repellency that is required to make breathable items breathe. This keeps you from getting wet from your own sweat. These products are suitable for use on many waterproof/breathable products such as Gore-Tex®, eVENT® and SympaTex®. The active ingredients are carried in water and will soak in wherever water can get in. The WaterBased products target leaks. Fabrics can resist abrasion and last longer because of the tough flexible TX. 10i® elastomer and how it penetrated and bonds to not only the surface to the fibers as well. Nikwax products have a high concentration of active ingredients which deliver more waterproofing power for your money.

Nikwax is continuously scientifically developing its products to keep ahead of the modern garments, footwear, and equipment technologies. They are recommended by many leading manufacturers of such products for this reason.


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