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as told rather well by Night Gyr

NinjaMod is a modification for Tribes 2; created by Ninjas in pajamas, the Twin Clan Alliance. It is coded primarily by evilcheese.

Ninjamod adds numerous new features, including weapons, classes, and packs to Tribes 2. The new weapons include: 

•faster-firing versions of the spinfusor and chaingun
unguided missile launcher
•a repair gun that, by utilizing the downloadable client pack, can also power items
EMP grenades and launchers
•a poison dart gun
poison grenades
tractor gun
•new sniper weapons
•and a slew of energy weapons for use by the new Predator class

The Predator class is just one of the new classes. It includes two types of engineers, a heavier armor than the Juggernaut, and the Specialist. Specialist is a class that carries the fusion and incendiary mortars of the Juggernaut but moves at the speed of Assault armor (the standard game's medium class). The Specialist is also capable of utilizing Hack Beacons to capture enemy equipment such as turrets and inventory stations.

Specialized beacons for each class are a concept that did not appear in the original Starsiege: Tribes or Tribes 2, rather it is new in this mod. Other classes' beacons include cloak beacons for the Predator, shield beacons for the Juggernaut, and speed booster beacons for the Assault class armor. The need to manage beacons adds a new dimension to the game, as do the packs.

The new classes each have their own new sets of packs, and there are some packs common between classes. The engineers can now deploy not only miniature turrets, but also different types of barrels for those turrets, as well as full-sized turrets that (in the base version) would only be available as part of the map. In addition to these turret types, railgun turrets and artillery turrets have been added; both of which require manual control, but have extreme destructive potential.

The website for NinjaMod can be found at www.ninjazone.net current to this node.

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