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A term, usually abbreviated as NF, among PEZ collectors for pre-1987 PEZ dispensers.

From the PEZ FAQ V4.0

What does it mean for a dispenser to be "with feet" or "without feet"?
Most post-1987 dispensers have "feet" on the bottom of the stem. There is a small plastic lip around the bottom of the stem that has two "feet" in the front. These were added to aid the dispensers in standing up. Dispensers without feet are generally older than the versions with feet. A word of caution: Some recent releases (most notably the reissued Regulars) do not have feet, so do not use this to judge the age of a dispenser. Switching stems on a dispenser is quite easy to do.

and also

Where can I buy feet to help my older dispensers stand up better?
Several dealers sell plastic feet that attach to the bottom of non-footed dispensers to help them stand up better. Some of these look like shoes and some look like actual feet. Various colors are available.

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