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A large plain in northern Alaska. The North Slope is bounded on the South by the Brooks Range, and gradually decreases in elevation as it extends northward, eventually reaching sea level at the Arctic Ocean (Alaska's northern coast).

Well above the Arctic Circle, the North Slope is flat and barren, being too far North to support any large trees. The region is populated very sparsely (at 4,000 people, Barrow, AK is by far the largest town in the area), but is home to many species of wildlife, including numerous large herds of caribou.

Resource-wise, the North Slope contains vast amounts of crude oil, and was responsible for Alaska's oil boom of the 1970s. The town of Deadhorse, AK, on the slope's northern coast, pumps vast amounts of oil down the Trans-Alaska Pipeline to Valdez, AK, where it is refined and exported. But existing oil resources on the North Slope are drying up, leaving the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (located in the eastern portion of the slope) in the centre of a heated oil-drilling debate.

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