North of Boston was Robert Frost’s second book of poetry, published in England in 1914 and in the United States in 1915. Some critics consider this his best overall work, and it contains a number of his best and most famous poems. In addition to the pastoral poems that made up his first book, here he begins to experiment with dramatic poetry in narrative poems that took the form of a monologue or dialogue. World War I prompted the Frost family to return to the US. When he left, he was unknown, but now his literary fame had begun.

Frost used "The Pasture" as the introductory poem for this book, and later in his life he would use it as the introduction to all versions of his collected works.

1. The Pasture
2. Mending Wall
3. The Death of the Hired Man
4. The Mountain
5. A Hundred Collars
6. Home Burial
7. The Black Cottage
8. Blueberries
9. A Servant to Servants
10. After Apple-picking
11. The Code
12. The Generations of Men
13. The Housekeeper
14. The Fear
15. The Self-seeker
16. The Wood-pile
17. Good Hours

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